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About Us

Toggs Goat‘s Milk is a highly nutritious product processed using time – honoured techniques at Kibiciku farm. The milk is sourced from selected farms around Central and Eastern Kenya. We raise our own goats so you can trust that the goat milk being used in our products is fresh and of the highest quality from our farm ensuring that all our products are consistent in quality and taste.

Toggs Goat's Milk Products are now available at the following retail outlets: Chandarana Supermarket stores - Yaya Centre, Lavington Green shopping centre, ABC Plaza along Waiyaki Way and Mobil Plaza at Muthaiga". Nakumatt Supermarket stores - Village Market, Ridgeways, Westgate, Ukay, Lifestyle, Moi Avenue, Mega, Ngong Road, Junction, Karen, and Galleria.

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TOGGS Goat's milk is easily digested and is suitable for people with lactose Intolerance. Goat’s milk molecules are small, and therefore pass through the gut wall more quickly. This allows the lactose to pass through the intestines more rapidly, not giving it time to ferment or cause an osmotic imbalance. Goat's Milk is rich in vitamins including Riboflavin, minerals, and complete proteins, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, Antibiotics, or Growth Hormones.